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tv   First Look  MSNBC  February 3, 2012 2:00am-2:30am PST

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having to ask for it. mayors of new york and boston, mr. president, the ball is in your court. maninno in plboston is in your court. you're hired, gop front-runner mitt romney picks up a surprise endorsement from real estate mogul, donald trump. another day of violent clashes sparked by anger over wednesday's deadly soccer riot. >> a south carolina man fed up with neighborhood crime, takes matters in his own hands. good morning, everyone i'm lynn berry, those stories and more straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc.
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we'lll begin this morning with the trump card. real estate mogul and would-be play maker donald trump gave mitt romney his endorsement, came as a surprise to newt gingrich officials and added fuel for critics who claim romney is out of touch with the less fortunate. brian moore joins us from washington. brian, good morning. >> reporter: only in america donald trump standing on stage in vegas, putting his endorsement behind mitt romney. he said he believes romney is not going to allow bad things to continue to happen to this country. but the image of two rich guys standing on that stage didn't exactly help romney get over his gaffe on wednesday, in which he said that he was "not concerned about the very poor, because they have an ample safety net." romney says that was a misstatement, but it's been pounced on by his opposition. newt gingrich has jumped on him saying we should care about the
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very poor. yesterday, during the national prayer breakfast, though it is not political, president obama referred to the very poor, he says that he believes he should be his brother's keeper. it was the president's most explicit account yet of how his personal religious believes play in his decision making on big national problems. lin? >> brian, thanks so much. the nation's largest breast cancer charity, susan g. komen is facing backlash to cut money to planned parenthood. michael bloomberg will donate $250,000 to planned parenthood. critics accused komen of caving to pressure. lisa myers has more. >> reporter: really awful, should be ashamed of themselves. >> nancy brinker struggled to contain the damage.
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first on msnbc. >> it's not true. >> there is an explosion of anger among your long time supporters. >> there is a tremendous amount, lisa, of emotion, whenever you're dealing with issues of vulnerable populations. whenever the idea of a change. >> a lot of folks see this as a political decision. >> we're not a political organization, this is not based on political decision. >> she says komen stopped new grants to planned parenthood because the group is under investigation in congress and some states. and because much of that money was passed on to other providers, didn't meet new grant criteria designed to measure and improve effectiveness. however, sources knowledgeable about the decision claim these are excuses, komen was trying to find a way to stop funding planned parenthood because of pressure from anti-abortion groups. they say komen's top health official, molly williams, recently resigned in protest over the decision. brinker would not comment.
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>> your own organization said planned parenthood using your money has done life saving work to help low income women. >> we think they have done great work, we're not commenting on the past. we're commenting on the nature of the grants that have to be done in the future. >> brinker says other grant recipients will lose funding under the new policies. lisa meyers, nbc news, washington. last night on the ed show, the president for national organization for women told ed schultz she thinks the komen ceo will not reverse her decision and may pay a heavy price. >> if you look at what ms. brinker has said it's clear she has dug her heels in and is determined to keep the policy of defunding planned parenthood going. 26 senators have signed a letter protesting this decision by the komen foundation, along with 22 members of the house had signed
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a hletter as of this afternoon. there is a building backlash. one of the things you have to wonder is why would corporations like yoplait and dell computers and new balance shoes, corporations listed on komen's annual report as in the million dollar club, they are going to have to move away from komen. they are not interested in funding an organization that strikely has a political anti-women's health agenda like komen does now. so you have to think that what ms. brinker has actually done has been really to lead this organization off a cliff. >> each night ed schultz tackles issues that matter most. don't miss "the ed show" on msnbc, the place for politics. here is the first look at other news around america. new york city police released video of an armed robber
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terrorizing people at gunpoint at local gas stations. he has been attacking customers and shot and wounded a store clerk who is now recovering. video shows the moment of impact carrying rush hour commuters was hit by a pick up truck that crossed the median. it killed the driver but everyone aboard the bus survived, something the bus driver's supervisors credit to her quick reaction. a sign of the times in south carolina, literally one man has had enough of growing crime. he put up a message outside his home reading "crack dealers, users and prostitutes not welcome" the street has five homes, yet there were 57 calls for law enforcement in the past year. some aren't thrilled about the sign but it's within the law. >> check out this guy, total man cave here. the home of one new york giants fan turned out to be a giant
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shrine. 40 years worth of memorabilia, including the actual 10 yard marker from the old giants stadium, and a pair of seats. he won't be there on sunday, that is because he scored a ticket to the big game and if you didn't, you can catch it on nbc as we have been saying. a lot. watch it. >> for a look at national weather we turn to bill karins, he has the weather channel forecast. >> will you watch the game? >> of course. >> really? >> of course. for the commercials. so cliche. >> american tradition, everybody watches the super bowl, that is why it's hundreds of millions of people. >> most watched thing. >> yeah, it's fun. >> i won't ask you who you think will win. >> i won't put you in a position. >> good morning, everyone. little bit about a storm from
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colorado, this is the first storm i've talked about in a month or two. northwestern sections of nebraska, areas out here in the middle of the country, here is what we're dealing with for the most part temperatures are cold enough, denver all snow, for areas there like omaha -- we'll come back to update the forecast to you in a second. thanks so much. wall street -- the lottery winner who is not changing her life. your "first look" business headlin headlines, straight ahead. nba all stars announced, good news for peyton manning, a dance off between victor cruz and madonna.
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you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back do to "first look." leon panetta believes there is a strong likelihood that israel will attack iran this spring to stop it from building nuclear bomb. panetta did not dispute the report, which says officials are reportedly concerned about an attack on iran's nuclear facilities soon. at least two people were killed until egypt in battles between protesters and security forces. the demonstrators blamed police for not stopping soccer violence that killed 70 people. by a rare bipartisan vote of 96-3, the senate passed a bill banning members of congress from using insider information to make personal stock trades. the house may approve the bill next week. slippery conditions from snow and ice on a highway contributed to 20 car pile-up in milan, italy.
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no one died more than 30 people suffered injuries. the dow opens at 12,705 after losing 11 points yesterday. the s&p up a point. nasdaq gained 11. overseas trading, in tokyo, nikkei down 44 points, in hang seng added 17. investors played it safe as they await today's january employment report, and today it's about jobs. some analysts do not expect to see a strong increase after wednesday's report on private sector employment, showing fewer jobs created than expected. yesterday's earnings missed from merck dragged on dow, wayeighed down pfizer. costco and target topped expectations, department chains macy's and dillard's came up short. abercrombie and fitch tumbled
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14% on weak sales forecast, wasn't all bad news. gap projected better than expected earnings thanks to sales of banana republic. green mountain coffee, strong demand for keurig brewing system sent shares up 24%. merger between two swiss mining companies could create the third largest mining company in the world gave investors optimism. switzerland's oldest bank has been indicted by u.s. prosecutors on charges it helped wealthy americans stash more than $1.2 billion in secret accounts. talk about job satisfaction, a very lucky 21-year-old waitress in florida who won a million dollars in a scratch off game says she has no plans to quit her day job. she likes it that much. you know how that feels, right, bill? >> exactly. >> smile and nod, bill. the knicks battle the bulls, peyton manning can play next year and nba names the all
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stars. plus has ma danna tipped off who she is rooting for in the sup boerl. you're watching "first look" on mooes. blooip blooip mooes. smooes. nmooes. bmooes. cmooes. .
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welcome back to first look i'm lynn berry. getting started in the nba was important for anyone shooting for a chance to make the all star team. here is mario solis. >> reporter: the starting line-ups for the nba all star
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game have been announced, the dwight howard was the leading vote getter in the east. no surprise here the lakers kobe bryant got the most votes in the west. the knicks carmelo anthony and derrick rose are starters for the east. they faced off last night. rose takes the game by storm in the 4th, new york is it in with a season high 34. it comes down to the final shot, knicks down 3, five seconds left. bulls win 105-102. >> lebron james, chris paul, kevin durant round out the western conference all stars tim duncan is a 13 time all star on the bubble to make the team, a game high 19 points and 9 boards against the hornets will help his cause. san antonio improves to 12-1 at home with 93-81 win.
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>> peyton manning has been medically cleared to play football. he missed the entire season after having multiple surgeries on his neck. the only question is whether he will play next season for the colts or somewhere else. super bowl xlvi is this sunday, it will be a good one. no matter who wins the game, fans want to be entertained, so cue the material girl. madonna channelled her inner victor cruz. he salsa dances every time he scores a touchdown. who is a better dancer? here is victor, the giants hope he does chancing. super bowl xlvi is this sunday on msnbc. that is first look at sports, i'm mario solis. >> i say victor, no brainer. a check of the forecast bill teased us with at the beginning of the show. >> teased us? >> you were saying a snow storm? >> i was trying to say something --. >> didn't work then. >> redo.
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>> a snow day for almost all the students in colorado today, especially in the front range. urban corridor, this is maybe a historical snow storm, nine inches of snow in boulder. snowing hard in colorado. once it gets to daylight the pictures come out will be amazing scene. ahead of it we have other issues, too, with possible tornadoes. we'll talk about that in a second. the white on the map is the snow. the blue is where it's snowing hard, very low visibility, the plows will have trouble keeping up with it that is all of i-25 from colorado springs northward, just snowing very, very hard. so you're expect maybe 18 inches of snow when this is all said and done around denver, that is a historic snow storm, much more than you've seen this winter. it will move in the plains, that is why we have blizzard warnings, north platte to denver, will pick up two feet of
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snow. in omaha, a hlot of warm air around the country, rain-snow mix to illinois, missouri and iowa. as far as severe weather goes, we have a tornado watch up here for areas to the east of oklahoma city, so far no tornadoes, but we will see the possibility of isolated tornadoes over the next couple hours. take you through the weekend forecast, east coast, no problems. looking great today. temperature, 53 in d.c., cooler, like yesterday. still dry, southeast looks okay, we will see thunderstorms, dallas, fort worth, san antonio heading for arkansas, memphis, new orleans, later on friday. the blizzard conditions back in denver. anyone on the west coast, looking nice, beautiful weekend, this is where the best weather in the country will be. saturday looks nice in the west. snow ending saturday morning in denver, a long duration snow event, too, wintery mix for chicago, st. louis, kansas city, it's too warm to have snow accumulations mostly a rain event with wet snow. then by the time we get to
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saturday, clouds increase in the east and on sunday, that storm system does move through areas like d.c., virginia, north carolina, but all rain. middle of the country looks fine. lynn they are playing that football game indoors in indianapolis on sunday. weather won't be a factor. >> bill, thanks soef. harry potter has a new role at the box office this weekend. ringo has his say on a beatles reunion. word of a staggering television offer made to beyonce, first look at entertainment is straight ahead. you're watching "first look" on msnbc.
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welcome back to "first look." no matter which team you root
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for on sunday in the super bowl one thing are the commercials that people air for. i admitted to it myself. this year, many advertisers have given us a sneak peek at their blockbuster ads. jay gray has a closer look at the spots and strategy behind them. >> reporter: they are bigger, and badder. >> you are in grave danger. >> reporter: faster and yes, even friskier on super sunday. no, not the athletes, but the ads. >> ahhh! >> about getting people excite and creating the buzz around your brand. >> chocolate m&m's remained a mystery. >>. >> reporter: a buzz build online with teasers. >> it's about integration of other mediums in addition to television where you get the biggest bang for your buck with the super bowl advertising. >> reporter: big bucks, average
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of 3.5 million for a 30 second spot on super sunday. >> putting more eyes on the brand which is what we're trying to do. >> reporter: maybe the most eyes ever. as many as 150 million people could tune in on sunday. that would be the largest television audience in u.s. history. many watching, just to see the ads. >> you are still here don't you have anything better to do? go on, get going. go. >> jay gray, nbc news, indianapolis. we're laughing about them and we don't know what they are about. entertainment news, interesting fright flick battle shaping up at the box office, the supernatural thriller "the woman in black" staring daniel rad cliff is expected to take the top spot earning $20 million. chronicle, some experts see finishing second, other see it
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trouncing "the woman in black" with 25 million. big miracle based on a true story about a whale family rescue should open with around $10 million. ringo starr said he wouldn't rule out playing again with paul mccartney but as far as any future reunion, including at the london olympics involving john and george's children, ringo said "it will never happen." one report says beyonce hired six nannies to care for her daughter, around the clock. that is one daughter. another says simon cowell offered half half a billion dollars to judge --. >> the b word? >> on the x factor. >> have you seen it? >> i did. >> it's over five years. >> $100 million a year? >> a lot of other people are reporting it. but yeah. >> like bill gates throwing in a
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super pac money? >> will she be printing money on the set? that is the only way i could justify it. i'm lynn berry, this is "first look" "way too early" with willie geist starts right now. a washington post piece by david ignatius suggests israel may be ready to go it alone this spring in an attack on iran's nuclear facilities. the question is what would the united states do if israel strikes first? mitt romney wiggles out of a comment about the very poor, taking a break to accept the endorsement of donald trump inside trump hotel in las vegas. how badly damage will his candy da see by a line he claims was ripped from the context. after two weeks of talk, two days until the super bowl where tom brady


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